Taylor of London Natural 25g Boxed Miniature Hotel Soap


The Taylor of London hotel soap is a cut above the rest as it is not individually wrapped they are in fact individually boxed. Being boxed not only looks good it is actually give's it a unique and elegant look. 

The Taylor of London hotel soap is a full 25g again giving it the edge on the competition. Taylor of London have been perfumers since 1887 which is what gives this hotel soap its pedigree.

The statement on the box says it all. " Manufactured by the finest soap company in this country". Why would you offer your hotel guest's any other soap?

This is the best your money can buy and quality your hotel guests will come to expect from such a well known brand.

Taylor of London Natural range of guest soaps has been tested without cruelty to animals.     

The box is made from pure white card and printed in gold for that extra luxury feel. Your hotel guests will be impressed with this boxed hotel soap.