Taylor of London are an extremely well known perfume maker and have been since 1887. Its safe to say they know their stuff and have designed and manufactured a number of different ranges of full size toiletries, however we only supply the miniature toiletries designed by Taylors of Londonespecially for he hospitality industry.

Taylor's of London have put their name to two separate brands and we are proud to say we offer for sale both of these brands to you our customer.

These brands can be found on our website and they are named Taylor of London Natural & Taylor of London Platinum. These ranges are both superb examples of quality fragrance design and also manufacture. They offer quite subtle differences and may appeal to different age ranges and clientele however this is down to you and knowing your customers.

The range you choose is down to decoration, style and even a message that you are trying to portray in your individual hotel, bed& breakfast or Guest house.

We let you decide which Taylor of Londong product is right for you and your guest and with the ability to buy in low quantities there is nothing stopping you trying both and in differnet rooms or at different times of year for a change again this is your choice!