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Htoel amenities supplied by a hospitality supplier

All of our hotel toiletries are available for hotels, guest houses and B&B's and also the general public.The hotel supplies are delivered to you from our central warehouse.

As a UK hospitality supplier we only offer high quality goods at low costs.

Premium Bulk Pack or Multi Flat Toilet Tissue
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Premium Bulk Pack or Multi Flat Toilet Tissue

Premium Bulk Pack or Multi Flat Toilet Tissue

 Premium grade 2 ply white Bulk pack or also known as Flat pack toilet tissue and as multi flat tissue.

Our Esfina Bulk pack toilet tissue differs completely from both the domestic and the commercial toilet rolls in that the tissue is not on a roll of any kind.

The tissue is dispensed as a single folded sheet of 2 ply paper. Each sheet is interwoven into the next sheet so when dispensed the next sheet is semi drawn out ready for use (similar to a box of facial tissues)

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The tissue is made by Esfina and is on our premium range as each sheet of tissue is made from silky soft, strong and highly absorbent pure virgin pulp.Virgin pulp is what gives this bulk pack it’s lovely creamy colour (other manufacturers sometimes use recycled pulp to save money. The recycled pulp needs to be highly bleached hence the bright white finish).

Bulk pack is often used where a conventional toilet roll is not big enough and the usual commercial rolls are just too large or too industrial looking.


  • Ply: 2 ply
  • Length folded: 100mm
  • Length unfolded: 200mm
  • Width: 105mm
  • Sheets per case: 9000

issa Esfina are part of ISSA

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