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Htoel amenities supplied by a hospitality supplier

All of our hotel toiletries are available for hotels, guest houses and B&B's and also the general public.The hotel supplies are delivered to you from our central warehouse.

As a UK hospitality supplier we only offer high quality goods at low costs.

Get Flirty Shampoo 50ml Tube
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Get Flirty Shampoo 50ml Tube

Get Flirty Shampoo 50ml Tube

Get Flirty Shampoo 50ml Tube 

Spice up your everyday routine and charm your skin with these cheeky, fruity products.  With Vanilla Pod and Cinnamon and Fruit Panache fragrance, these delicious treats are almost good enough to eat.

Get Flirty Shampoo 50ml Tube

Our Price: £9.47

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