What Has the Weather Done for You?

What have you thought about the weather in the UK over the last few days? Has summer finally arrived can we relax now knowing we should not see any more snow or ice for at least another 5 months or so?

Well this is a good question and one that is asked quite a lot across the UK not just here in West Midlands or even in sunny Wolverhampton. Think about this, last week it snowed and we had pretty cold temperatures of around 8-9 degrees during the day and now we are basking in 28 degrees what is that all about? And no I am not complaining and I presume neither are the hospitality suppliers and pub owners.

It’s this weather that brings us Brits out of our homes and gives us the spirit to go on holiday in the UK, pop down to the pub or have a meal. I know I have smelt a number of barbecues over the last few days and have spoken with a lot of happy people.

It’s amazing what a few days of sunshine will do let’s hope it stays with us and we have a good summer. So if you are a hospitality provider in the UK have you noticed an upturn in business over the last week? Have people been booking their holidays with you? Has the sunshine given the public inspiration and hope?

I would suggest it has because we have seen sales of our guest supplies soar over the last few days. Hotel soap and shampoo has been flying of the shelves, or is it just that people are taking more showers now due to the hot and sticky weather?

Well let’s just hope for more and I will keep you informed. If you own a hotel or B&B or Guest house I would love to read your comments and thoughts on how the weather affects your business.  

Another Blog About Hotel Soap & Supplies


Yes another extremely enthralling blog about hotel supplies. This is quite an interesting subject and one I love to talk about. I play both roles well what I mean by both roles is the supplier and also the customer of a hotel. I think it’s this mix of idea’s, thoughts, wants and needs that enables us to offer the right products at the right price that consumers actually want to use and enjoy.

It’s quite difficult when you run a business to stay objective. What I mean by this is you tend to exude your own thoughts, likes and wants into your business and don’t get me wrong this can be a good thing but also not if you have well how should I put this unconventional tastes, likes and wants.

Let me explain myself more, if I liked bright Pink, Green and purple would I paint my walls at home this colour yes I may. However just because I like it doesn’t mean that the vast majority of Hotel guests would like to have a bright Pink, Green or purple walls. So you simply must cater for the vast majority of customers.

Now this is not always a hard and fast rule and one that could actually become a niche, a good selling point and something which could set you apart. Niches I can think about, women only hotels, hen & stag do only, group only hotel, dog hotel, no children and of course different colour and styles such as medieval, traditional, boutique etc.

So what does all of this have to do with hotel guest supplies? Well if you think about it what you offer your guest will depend on the style you want to offer and of course what the guests themselves will want, need and expect. Remember appealing to the masses is easy to do and will give you access to huge volumes, however appealing to specialist markets is limiting it can be very satisfying and a great source of income.

For all your hotel soap, shampoo and shower gel miniatures go to www.hotelguestsupplies.co.uk

Four in a bed what?
I wonder how many Hotels Bed & Breakfasts are as clean as they should be let alone could be. Have any of you seen that new series on the TV called four in a bed? If you haven’t watched it they get four hospitality owners to go and stay in each other’s guest houses, hotels etc and then rate the accommodation, hospitality, food etc. They then “pay the host” what they feel they deserve not what the host may price the room at.
It’s  pretty enlightening programme as they all want to win some more than others so they are extremely critical of each other and the first thing that everybody on the programme does is look for dust, hairs and areas that have not been cleaned correctly.

Now it’s the cleanliness bit that really bothers me on the programme. Now these people have obviously written in or being invited to take part so they know what is in store for them. They know when the guests will be arriving but many still do not clean the room to a respectable standard. Now this is all being filmed and shown on national TV.

How many guests do they think they will be getting moving forward when the TV guests found unsightly hairs in the bed and thick layers of dust on the wardrobes and under the bed had not been hovered for months and there is mould growing in the bathroom?

I just do not understand why these hospitality owners do not pay hundreds of pounds employing external commercial cleaners to go over the whole property from top to toe three times over as a matter of course even if you keep the best accommodation it’s just plain business sense right?

Not even taking into account this should be done as standard as people are expected to pay £100+ a night for most of these rooms with some of the rooms being £175+ I have stayed in accommodation at £50 a night that have been better prepared than some of them it beggars belief.

And that’s before we get onto the subject of what guest soap or shampoo they offer.
More next time or if you want to view the whole range of our hotel supplies at www.hotelguestsupplies.co.uk
25/02/2012                           I’ve  Just Been Asked.
I was asked the other day what hotel guest supplies sells. I replied with a well we sell hotel guest supplies to well hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts. I was then asked well what sort of supplies.
Well that one was also an easy answer however it still led to more question which I will go through with you also. The first question to answer was what products do we sell. Well our speciality is miniature toiletries especially designed and marketed to the hospitality industry.
You know the miniature soaps shampoos and shower gels you get when you stay in a hotel or guest house. That’s the ones the small wrapped soap and the dinky bottles of shampoo which is often only just enough for one shower and in the posh hotels maybe two.
Now these miniatures come in many different sizes styles and colours and of course fragrances. If you have stayed in well known and large chains of hotels then the hotel may even have their own branded range of complimentary soap, shower gels etc. But it’s the smaller independent and boutique style hotels that buy products from us. They want a different range that’s not regularly available; however they don’t want to pay the earth for handmade and unique toiletries.
Now we have a huge range of products on offer with many of them having more than just miniature soap and shampoo with many of them having shoe shine kits, vanity kits, shaving kits, tooth brushes, shower caps and even loofahs!
Each range of products is designed for slightly different tastes and potential age ranges of its clients however all of our ranges offer products with universal scents and are not specific to age or gender as this would be quite awkward if the scent is very feminine and a male is the guest for that evening!     

18/07/2011                Reworded Hotel Soap

Just re worded all the hotel guest soaps to say Hotel soap. This is down to the fact that more people search for hotel soap than wrapped guest soap of wrapped hotel guest soap. Changed hotel soaps
What did you search for? Its a matter of choice and the more people the chose then the more people that are able to find us and use our great products.